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Improve cycling routes and rider safety. Discourage car use.

Improve cycling routes around Eastleigh by improving cycling routes, cannibalising existing road space where necessary. Reducing overall traffic speeds via both changing maximum speeds and traffic management infrastructure. Discourage the use of cars by implementing a highly effective Park and Ride and cutting back on parking, especially free parking.


Support “sponsor a streetlight”, and give local residents control.

Provide residents who feel they require it and can fund it access to all-night street-lighting. Streetlights have been off overnight in Hampshire for some time which is great for the environment, nature and sky observers but in some areas can be detrimental to residents. The current policy of making an “on or off” decision for every neighborhood across Hampshire is unclean, and unfair and does not take into account neighbourhood preference. There are alternative options, a street lamp costs less than £5 per year to run and these decisions can be made at a much more local level. For those that “can’t afford” street lighting but need it for safety concerns the local Parish council should have a small budget set aside to handle this. Source and further discussion can be found here https://eastleigh.online/t/street-lighting-sponsor-a-streetlight-give-residents-control/351